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  • Tools and processes to keep your prospect pipeline full, so you can focus on the things that you do best to grow your agency.
  • New agency business models to adapt to the current market and design to fit your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Maximize what you’re already doing to be more efficient
  • Blueprints for outsourcing and automating prospecting and sales to reclaim your time and expand your business

During the Wizards of Winning Clients Virtual Summit you’ll learn the strategies and models that agencies use to help earn big ticket retainer fees and have ideal clients lining up for a phone call!

There won’t be any fluff in the summit. These speakers will teach highly actionable strategies and tactics they use to grow their own agencies or their agency clients.

Ordinarily, any face time with these mega-successful strategists would cost you a lot, but they’ve agreed to share their strategies for this summit.

To that end, we feature the world’s foremost marketing experts for an experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

This Summit focuses on solving the biggest hurdle ALL digital marketing agencies face: Getting new clients in a Consistent, predictable manner designed to be efficient and free up the owners’ time.

Summit Speakers

Joe Troyer
The Self-Perpetuating Launch
Josh Nelson
Implement a High-Converting Appointment Machine
Emily Crume
How to Optimize Your Tradeshow ROI
Brian Anderson
Messenger Marketing For Lead Generation
Howard Tiano
Howard Tiano
Leverage Your Networking for 10x Results
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
3×3 Facebook Video Ad Juggernaught
Chris Winters
Chris Winters
Behind the Curtain of a Facebook Acquisition Machine (FAM)
Kevin Wilke
Build a Superstar Sales Team
Pierce Grimes
Pierce Grimes
LinkedIn Ninja Masterclass
Jeff Smith
7 Secrets to Generate 1,000s of LinkedIn Leads on Autopilot
Lee Goff
Lee Goff
4 Easy Steps to Automate Your Agency Sales System
Lee Goff
Lee Goff
Top 10 Traffic Generation Strategies For Agency Success
Maxwell Finn
Maxwell Finn
Effective Facebook Lead Generation
Michael Young
Michael Young
The Secret To Landing Fortune 500 Clients Without A Portfolio, Experience, Or Case Studies.
Mike Cooch
Mike Cooch
Create an Attention Engine to Thrive in the New Media World
Mike Cooch
Mike Cooch
LinkedIn Ads Made Easy
Robb Bailey
Rob Bailey
How Robb Got 525 Gym Clients With a Simple Service
Travis Lee
Travis Lee
Old School is New School: Direct and 3D mail
Dr. Ben Adkins
17 Icebreakers To Melt Your Prospects Resistance!
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck
Cold Email Tecniques to Power Your Agency
Aleric Heck
Aleric Heck
5 Pillars Of Successful YouTube Video Ads
Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte
Tom Gaddis
Nick Ponte
Become a Local Influencer and Build Trust With Prospects
Eric Brief
Eric Brief
Top Sales Tips From a Powerhouse
Lior Ohayon
Lior Ohayon
Automate Your “Fake Video Audit”


Having on-demand access to these strategies is a no-brainer for most agency owners and managers. You can replay any of the summit sessions on-demand.

It’s also great if you’re sharing the strategies with your team or teaching them to others.

Identify message that will complement your niche, your agency business model and your personality
For instance, you would not send ringless voicemail to a cosmetic surgeon. we probably can’t get their cell phone number, and they’re busy doing their job. Conversely, Home Services contractors typically have their cell phone with them and will at least check their messages later. 
Maximize your learning by having a plan for implementing the lead generation strategies that will be most useful to your agency needs.
Don’t go into it without preparing. That’s a rookie mistake.
This is not “sit back and enjoy” content. We’re not Netflix. We’re teaching many of these strategies in a technical fashion here, so you need to be actively engaged and ready to learn.
Action item: Make a list of areas you’re interested in before you even start. Pick one or two.

Take advantage of full access to the Wizards of Winning Clients Summit NOW before the price goes up.
This is your only chance to get the all-access pass at a great low price dozens of strategies that will increase your bottom line.
Then, you’ll be ready to grow your leads and sales even more.
You’ve probably done a free trial for premium software before, right?
Same idea here. When you join now, you’ll get to keep all of the training, on-demand.

Take advantage of products, training or software offers that some of the speakers cover in the training.
Tools and technology are a fact of life for an online marketing agency, and could make a dramatic difference when it comes to time and efficiency. You wouldn’t want to be sending out a thousand cold emails by hand, would you? 
Some of the speakers have training or coaching programs that go deeper into the particular topics.  You can only go so deep in an hour…


If you have ever spent money on a conference, you know the pros and cons. You meet great people, but there’s always the risk of not coming away with enough return on your investment in the program.

With our summit, there are no travel or hotel expenses. There’s no presentation schedule to worry about.

In collaboration with our partners, we’re giving attendees a huge curated video library that pass holders can watch even after it’s over.

Our goal is to bring the most valuable, actionable strategy to help you start growing your business immediately with proven blueprints for prospecting, tips for finding new leads and closing sales, and systems you can use to automate and delegate your Sales Dept.

If you get the all-access pass today, you’ll have all of this information on-hand whenever you need it. All-access pass holders get so much content, this is an easy investment choice for you to make.

Get Lifetime Access For Just: $497 $197

We’re so confident that you’ll get 10x value from this fresh content, it comes with 100% money-back guarantee.

If at any time before midnight of the final day of the summit you want a refund, shoot us a note and we will give your money back and still remain friends.

Or if you watch summit live and don’t want the replays, bonuses, transcripts and audios I’ll refund your all-access pass by the end of the summit.