22 Experts take you through a myriad of ways to keep your pipeline filled
with hot prospects! These are mini masterclasses, taking a deep dive
into various methods so you can implement the ones that suit you.

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  • New approaches to targeting and closing your ideal clients.
  • New twists on tried and true proven methods to acquire clients.
  • Tools and technology to power UP your prospecting.
  • Optimizing processes you already use.
  • New business models for digital marketing agencies.
  • Using Automation along with the “human touch for more effectiveness.
  • Which methods can move the needle in a big way for YOUR agency.
  • Paid media strategies to generate clients on-demand.

Summit Agenda

Joe Troyer
CEO Digital Triggers/InvisiblePPC

Joe’s training co. Digital Triggers has helped over 1,000 agency owners build their businesses over the years. His current partnership with InvisiblePPC delivers whitelable services to agencies.

The Self-Perpetuating Launch

In this session, Joe covers his “Self-Perpetuating Launch” strategy to attract clients to keep your pipeline full, as well as his system from attraction to conversion.

  • How building out a “Mother Funnel” will plug the holes in your conversion system.
  • The exact email sequences to get the highest show up and sign up rates.
  • The Ultimate FITD (Foot in the door) service template.

Josh Nelson
CEO Plumber and HVAC SEO

Josh went from failing at his first agency to coming back to grow a seven figure niche agency. His training and mastermind program trains agency owners to build their own successful seven figure agency.

Implement a High-Converting Appointment Machine

In this session, Josh takes us on a deep dive into his Appointment Machine, unpacking the entire funnel, and showing us the elements that make this so much more effective than what everyone else is doing.

  • How to increase your show up rate by 55%.
  • How to make your prospects “pre-suaded” to do business with you.
  • Sales Scripts Josh uses to do a high converting strategy session.
  • Video scripts and email follow-up templates!

Emily Crume

Emily helps connect Businesses and Brands with social marketers and Influencers, and promotes SME Events.

How to Optimize Your Tradeshow ROI

In Emily’s session, she unpacks the different ways to engage and connect with your audience in-person at live events.

  • Which events are right for you and your business?
  • Tips for getting people to your booth.
  • Why sponsoring an event can pay big dividends.

Brian Anderson
CEO Media Mash

Brian’s has built digital marketing agencies, and is also creator of VoiceDrops, a ringless voicemail Saas company. He has also trained thousands of agency owners over the last several years on how to acquire clients and fulfill the services.

Messenger Marketing For Lead Generation

In our session, Brian makes the case for Messenger Bots as a powerful marketing channel, both as a way of getting clients, and an effective service to provide.

  • Why Messenger over email.
  • What is the “Trifecta” of marketing channels?
  • Dispels the “Myths” about chatbots.
Howard Tiano

Howard Tiano
CEO ClickzLocal

Howard, a.k.a. The “OutSourcer”. Winner of Best Marketing Agency 2018, his agency ClickzLocal has served various niches with various services over the years.

Leverage Your Networking for 10x Results

In this session, Howard gives various insights into various networking scenarios, pitfalls, and hacks.

  • Which networking method suits you and your agency model?
  • How to get clients en masse.
  • How to design your presentations.
Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu
CEO BlitzMetrics

Dennis manages campaigns for enterprise companies, is a mentor for students and an International lecturer.

3x3 Facebook Video Ad Juggernaught

In this session, Dennis breaks down the 3×3 Video Grid formula for Facebook ads.

  • What are the videos about and how do they tie in together?
  • Do you need any fancy video shooting or editing equipment to make it work?
  • The secret to how this method translates into sales
Chris Winters

Chris Winters
CEO Kallzu

Chris Winters has built a multi-seven figure agency remotely, living all over the world from Asia to Europe while working remotely. His team works virtually from all over the globe. His training company and software, Kallzu, has been responsible for training hundreds of marketers to build agencies around lead generation.

Behind the Curtain of a Facebook Acquisition Machine (FAM)

Chris takes us step-by-step through his Facebook ad funnel, from ad to landing page to appointment setting. He shows his exact ads, as well as ads you can run for your clients.

  • The Facebook ad that generated $30K in 14 days.
  • He reveals his irresistible 2 step offer that will result in $3 customers.
  • The Top 25 local businesses for his 2 Step offer

Kevin Wilke
Agency CEO

Kevin has been in the digital agency space for well over a decade, and was one of the first to introduce the model to the general Internet marketing crowd, along with training programs.

Build a Superstar Sales Team With No Money Out-of-Pocket

After selling his agency and training companies, Kevin started again from scratch and cracked the code to agency success.

  • How to fill your calendar with qualified appointments.
  • His “Hiring” funnel for appointment setters.
  • Remove yourself from the sales process.
Pierce Grimes

Pierce Grimes
CEO Clever Marketing

Pierce started running Google and YouTube campaigns for ecommerce companies, but soon gravitated toward local businesses. His agency has generated over 10,000 leads.

LinkedIn Ninja Masterclass

Pierce lays out his 5 step process for LinkedIn success, including:

  • How to set up your Profile to attract your ideal clients.
  • Using Sales Navigator for surgical targeting
  • Ninja trick to blow up your LinkedIn results with other platforms.
  • How to outsource LinkedIn leads.

Jeff Smith
CEO B2B Lead Gen Expert

Jeff ranks as the No. 1 LinkedIn lead gen expert, offering a B2B Done-For-You service as well as training for agency owners.

7 Secrets to Generate 1,000s of LinkedIn Leads on Autopilot

In Jeff’s session, he lays out in depth how he is able to genrate leads for his B2B clients to scale.

  • How to combine SEO to magnify your exposure.
  • How he’s able to outsource the whole system.
  • Jeff exposes his Secret Lead Marketing System
Lee Goff

Lee Goff
Agency Coach, Author
Presentation 1 of 2

Lee Goff, author of Agency Success Roadmap, won Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Culture award, InfusionSoft Elite Business of the Year, and is a Guerilla Marketing MASTER Trainer!

4 Easy Steps to Automate Your Agency Sales System

Lee covers how to find the perfect blend between automation and the personal touch.

  • Setup a dashboard in your CRM to see your stats at a glance.
  • Discover the Make or Break KPIs for your Agency.
  • What the 7 Step Lifecycle Marketing Is and Why it Matters.
  • Eliminate Follow-Up Failure in 30 Days or Less
Lee Goff

Lee Goff
Agency Coach, Author
Presentation 2 of 2

Top 10 Traffic Generation Strategies For Agency Success

Lee pulls out his Top 10 Traffic strategies for local traffic, evaluation criteria to help you select the best sources for you whatever stage you’re at in your agency.

  • How to avoid the 7 Traffic Mistakes.
  • How to Net Zero your traffic costs.
  • Discover the “POP” framework
Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn
CEO Unicorn Innovations

Maxwell is a serial entrepreneur, and has been featured in Forbes and Inc. Having raised millions in VC funding and landing enterprise clients like Sam’s Club, his primary focus is on helping businesses increase their customer acquisition via paid media.

Grow Your Digital Agency For Maximum Profits, Minimal Effort

Maxwell takes us on a journey through avenues to structure, grow and manage your agency.

  • Use leverage to grow your client base by leaps and bounds.
  • 3 types of partnership deals to bring on “whale” clients.
  • Low-ticket vs. high ticket agency models.
  • What’s a “Ringer” and why would I want one?
Michael Young

Michael Young
Marketing Entrepreneur

Michael has cracked the code on prospecting large corporations, and his sales experience enabled him to distill the sales process to a simple formula.

The Secret To Landing Fortune 500 Clients Without A Portfolio, Experience, Or Case Studies.

In this session, Michael breaks down the process and discusses his business model with thoughtfulness, and a large dose of humour!

  • The difference between a business model of scale vs. magnitude.
  • How to overcome the corporate mindset to sell to big corporations.
  • How to mitigate your risk when getting results.
Mike Cooch

Mike Cooch
Founder LVRG Ventures
Presentation 1 of 2

Mike Cooch has built two seven-figure service businesses and IT and agency services, and after making the Inc. 5000 list three times, has sold one business for multiple seven figures. He has also helped thousands of agency owners build their agencies over the last several years.

Create an Attention Engine to Thrive in the New Media World

In this session Mike makes the case for an agency as media company, and how to ride the wave and shift your agency’s business model.

  • Create a media property FAST…for free!
  • Bet all your content for FREE!
  • Secrets of rapid revenue generation
Mike Cooch

Mike Cooch
Founder LVRG Ventures
Presentation 2 of 2

LinkedIn Ads Made Easy

Mike goes over what makes LinkedIn Ads one of the most effective B2B platforms in the world, and how to get the best results.

  • Best use cases for LI Ads.
  • Ad type options.
  • When to use Sponsored content vs. Text ads.
  • How to get the most out of Sponsored InMail
Robb Bailey

Robb Bailey
CEO PageLadder

Robb has booked over 1.5 million in services in his agency, and generated multiple tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients using their systems and services.

How Rob Got 525 Gym Clients With a Simple Service

In this session, Robb unveils his method to book 525 gym clients, his business model and service

  • How he uses the ‘Flywheel Effect” to get clients.
  • The first service to do to get client immediate results.
  • How Robb managed that many clients.
Travis Lee

Travis Lee
President 3D Mail

Travis and co. have helped over 10,000 businesses with their direct response mail campaigns, from creation to fulfillment, used by a “Who’s Who List” of marketing pros, notably Glazer-Kennedy.

Old School is New School: Direct and 3D mail

In Travis’ presentation, he covers the various forms of direct mail, from postcards to 3D, or “lumpy” mail.

  • The Pros and Cons of various mail types.
  • Examples of some of his most successful (and fun)3D campaigns.
  • The one secret to a successful 3D campaign.
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Dr. Ben Adkins
CEO Contentdfy

Dr. Ben Adkins began his career as a Chiropractor, and transitioned into Internet Marketing as an outgrowth of promoting his practice. Today Ben is a full time marketer, training thousands of agency owners how to grow their agencies. His agency, Contentdfy, provides content services for local businesses.

17 Icebreakers To Melt Your Prospects Resistance!

In this session, Ben breaks down some of his favorite methods of client acquisition from those found in his PDF, 17 Icebreakers.

  • Jumpstart your digital agency with a simple box of donuts.
  • Tips on how to maximize a Chamber membership.
  • Ben’s Facebook ad method that is his most powerful client attraction tool.
Ryan Peck

Ryan Peck
Cold Email King.

Ryan has connected with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and partnered with two through cold email, including Amazon.

Cold Email Techniques to Power Your Agency

In this session, Ryan unpacks his cold email approach step-by-step, with nothing held back, including the campaign that landed him a parnership with Amazon.

  • What is the O.R.R. Method and why it’s so effective.
  • The art and science of sending cold emails that convert.
  • Tools and tricks to not get your accounts banned.
Aleric Heck

Aleric Heck
CEO AdOutreach

Aleric started out on YouTube 10 yrs. ago, and built the largest app review channel. He now helps entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses with YouTube video ads.

5 Pillars Of Successful YouTube Video Ads

In his presentation, Aleric dives into foundational knowledge and setup, then breaks down the traits of a successful YouTube ad campaign.

  • Old way vs. new way.
  • Why you should learn to love the skip button.
  • Which ad format to use when.
  • Ethically Hijack YouTube traffic
Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte

Tom Gaddis
Nick Ponte
Offline Sharks

Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte have a six-figure agency based in Maui, Hawaii. Together, they formed a marketing training company called Offline Sharks, training hundreds on agency owners across the U.S.

Become a Local Influencer and Build Trust With Prospects

Tom and Nick have developed a system to getting clients in your local area especially geared towards new agencies, who may lack credibility in their markets.

  • How to gain instant authority even if you don’t have any clients.
  • How to give business owners something valuable, for free, that costs you nothing.
  • Eliminate resistance and rejection when reaching out to prospects.
Eric Brief

Eric Brief
Marketing Entrepreneur

Eric spent 4 years as a top phone salesman for, and has applied that knowledge gained to power his own agency, and other agency owners the ropes.

Top Sales Tips From a Powerhouse

In our session, Eric opens his sales playbook for getting and closing clients, the psychology, the discovery process, and bringing the prospect to a decision.

  • Mindset to improve sales conversions.
  • Appointment setter best practices.
  • Secrets of the Red Zone Playbook.
  • How to close a client that already has an agency
Lior Ohayon

Lior Ohayon
CEO ScopeLeads

Lior runs his agency focusing on SEO and paid media, and also has a Saas company ScopeLeads, for digital marketing consultants.

Automate Your "Fake Video Audit"

Lior covers his video audit methodology, with special attention to the “fake” video audit. This is delivered via cold email prospecting, for which he covers an in depth look, including best subject lines, body copy and more!

  • Why a “fake” video audit?
  • Cold email tools and techniques.
  • How to automate the process for best results.


Howard Tiano

Howard Tiano

Howard Tiano, a.k.a. The “OutSourcer” has been in the online marketing space since the mid-2000s, and marketing for local businesses for the past decade.

Winner of Best Marketing Agency 2018, his agency ClickzLocal has served various niches with various services over the years.

Howard has created marketing training for agency owners on outsourcing and systems for hundreds of marketers over the years.

He has also run an entertainment company in South Florida as a musician and bandleader.


Having a sustainable, predictable and consistent deal flow in your pipeline is ESSENTIAL to the success and survival of an Agency and its owners.

  • Marketing agency owners
  • Marketing agency management teams
  • Freelancers looking to scale their
    marketing services or start an agency
Laptop tickets
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Social Media

  • Social Lead Generation using Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Strategic use of video
  • Content strategies to educate, entertain, demonstrate and establish authority


  • Sales tips and techniques to improve your close rate
  • Scripts, templates and copy best practices to double your email opens
  • How to hire the best appointment setters and sales people – commission based
golden machine


  • Automation tools for prospecting and nurturing prospects
  • Follow-up technology to keep prospects engaged
  • Tools and best practices for cold email prospecting
  • Multi-channel approaches to enhance authority and re-engage with your marketing

Acquisition Optimization

  • How to incorporate 3D mail into your marketing to get attention and reach Decision Makers
  • Multiply your networking efforts using associations and Chambers
  • Emerging business models to stand out, reduce work, retain clients and scale your agency


  • Tips to massively grow your agency into a six or seven-figure-a-year business
  • Tools and processes to keep your prospect pipeline full, so you can focus on the things that you do best to grow your agency.
  • New agency business models to adapt to the current market and design to fit your financial and lifestyle goals
  • How to maximize what you’re already doing to be more efficient
  • Blueprints for outsourcing and automating prospecting and sales to reclaim your time and expand your business


  • A collection of tired sales webinars
  • L-O-N-G boring intros, with pictures of speakers families, pets or rented Lambos
  • L-O-N-G drawn-out closes detailing every module, bonus, offer stack and price drop!
  • L-O-N-G drawn out Q&A sessions, taking webinars into the 2-3 hour range
  • A pitchfest…


45 – 75 minutes in length. Enough to be thorough on the topic, without being exhaustive.
Some of the speakers have more in-depth courses or software. They’ll briefly mention it at the end.
(we ARE marketers, after all!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit is a type of collaborative online event in which speakers are interviewed by a host. It’s like an online conference with a collection of online presentations from experts on a given topic. The Wizards of Winning Clients Summit is a collaborative effort of 22 experts to share their knowledge on topics such as social media, sales, technology, acquisition optimization, and more over the course of 4 days.

Where is the summit held?

The summit is held online, meaning that you can access it from anywhere in the world. This way, you and your team can watch them right from home or the office. No travelling or expensive hotel rooms required. Click here to get started.

When is the summit?

The Wizards of Winning Clients Summit is being held October 15-18, 2019. Daily presentations will be made available from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. EST on their scheduled days. If you would like additional access to the daily videos past their window of availability you can upgrade your access and see the additional benefits, click here.

Who is this virtual summit for?

The Wizards of Winning Clients Virtual Summit is for marketing agency owners, marketing agency management teams, and freelancers looking to scale their marketing services or start an agency.

You may also find this virtual summit beneficial if you are an influencer, business owner, entrepreneur, and even if you’re just interested in gaining new skills and learning from the best in their fields!

What topics are covered in this summit?

Dozens of ways to get agency clients, incorporating Social Media, Sales, Tech and tools, and optimization. See above for more details.

What does access to the summit cost?

You can get a FREE ticket upon registration, on this page. This will give you access to each session on the scheduled day. You also have the option to upgrade your access, and get permanent access among other benefits here: Get Your All Access Pass

What is included with the free access pass?

The free access to the Wizards of Winning Clients Summit includes Live Access during the summit, meaning you can watch the speaker presentations for free on their respective day of availability from 10:00 a.m. EST until Midnight. Some speakers have also provided bonuses you can download from their presentation page.

What is included with my upgraded all access pass?
How long are the presentations?

The presentations given in the Wizards of Winning Clients Summit run from 45-75 minutes.

This gives the presenters enough time to be thorough on their given topics without becoming long and drawn out.

Where can I find more information on a particular expert?

To find more presentations and gain more knowledge from our experts, you’ll find many of them have offers of training, coaching or programs to gain more expertise in a particular method. Any Links to those will be in the description below the video on the speaker pages.

Do these methods really work?

They work if YOU do! Not everyone will get the same results, and people have different work schedules, skills, goals, and resources. So you’ll want to be selective and realistic about all those things.

Aren’t these just a collection of “sales webinars”?

No L-O-N-G intros, with pics of kids and pets and houses and cars. No L-O-N-G pitches, with details and minutia for every module, bonus, etc. No L-O-N-G Q&A sessions, taking the webinar into the 2-3 hour mark! Just pure CONTENT! (with an offer mention at the end of some sessions)

Why should I upgrade when I can watch it all for free?

Firstly, you probably don’t have the time to binge watch all the sessions. You can watch specific sessions on-demand, and share with your team or partner(s). Take advantage of an ALL ACCESS PASS NOW before the price goes up! Take advantage of products, training or software offers that some of the speakers cover in the training. Excellent Bonuses (transcripts, audios to listen on-the-go, courses)

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